JWSmythe :: Smythe Industries

I provide services in any field that I am experienced in. Please consult my resume for details on what my skills are. These are my general rates.

TaskHourly Rate
Unix/Linux administration$100/hr
Windows Administration$100/hr
Network Administration$100/hr
Perl Programming$80/hr
PHP Programming$80/hr
HTML Development$60/hr
Tinfoil Hat Adjustment$499.99
All other services *$100/hr
Transit Time
To/From your site
Per Diem
If working at your site
for > 1 day with overnight stay.
Estimated $150/day
Specific Rates
Use Max Per Diem Rate.

Negotiated rates apply to locations outside of CONUS

Other expenses (rental car, cab fare, etc) billed seperately.

Projects and extended employment (> 1 week) can be negotiated.

* Other services include anything that is not covered in other line items. That does include phone consultations, telephone and live consultations, and expert witness tes tamony (2 hour minimum, billed at total time testifying in depositions and in the court room).