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This script generates (possibly) strong passwords

Number of characters Please use at least 8
Number of passwords Make one or a list of X
Characters to use:
Numbers 2-9: 23456789
Numbers 0-9: 0123456789
Uppercase Letters: A-Z except ILO
Lowercase Letters: a-z except ilo
Special Characters: !@#%^&*()_+-=[]{}|;:<>?/.,~`
Ambiguous Characters: 10,ILO, and/or ilo removed from above
Space: (the space character)
"High ASCII" Characters: accents, umlats, etc
AlphaHex ONLY *only* "0123456789abcdef".
This overrides all other options.
Custom character list.
No delimiting required.
Format: Box Text
Character Set: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F G H J K M N P Q R S T U V W X Y Z a b c d e f g h j k m n p q r s t u v w x y z

Requested Length: 12
Number of possible characters: 54 characters
Strength: 6.1478762617651E+20
Number of passwords to generate: 10

1 of 10
2 of 10
3 of 10
4 of 10
5 of 10
6 of 10
7 of 10
8 of 10
9 of 10
10 of 10
Extra Character Sets.
Not all work on all systems.
No attempt is made to remove ambiguous characters from these.

Select All | None

("All" is disabled. There are too many characters. Your browser would crash.)

Aegean Numbers 10100-1013F
Alchemical Symbols 1F700-1F77F
Alphabetic Presentation Forms FB00-FB4F
Ancient Greek Musical Notation 1D200-1D24F
Ancient Greek Numbers 10140-1018F
Ancient Symbols 10190-101CF
Arabic 0600-06FF
Arabic Extended-A 08A0-08FF
Arabic Mathematical Alphabetic Symbols 1EE00-1EEFF
Arabic Presentation Forms-A FB50-FDFF
Arabic Presentation Forms-B FE70-FEFF
Arabic Supplement 0750-077F
Armenian 0530-058F
Arrows 2190-21FF
Avestan 10B00-10B3F
Balinese 1B00-1B7F
Bamum A6A0-A6FF
Bamum Supplement 16800-16A3F
Basic Latin 0000-007F
Bassa Vah 16AD0-16AFF
Batak 1BC0-1BFF
Bengali 0980-09FF
Block Elements 2580-259F
Bopomofo 3100-312F
Bopomofo Extended 31A0-31BF
Box Drawing 2500-257F
Brahmi 11000-1107F
Braille Patterns 2800-28FF
Buginese 1A00-1A1F
Buhid 1740-175F
Byzantine Musical Symbols 1D000-1D0FF
CJK Compatibility 3300-33FF
CJK Compatibility Forms FE30-FE4F
CJK Compatibility Ideographs F900-FAFF
CJK Compatibility Ideographs Supplement 2F800-2FA1F
CJK Radicals Supplement 2E80-2EFF
CJK Strokes 31C0-31EF
CJK Symbols and Punctuation 3000-303F
CJK Unified Ideographs 4E00-9FFF
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension A 3400-4DBF
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension B 20000-2A6DF
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension C 2A700-2B73F
CJK Unified Ideographs Extension D 2B740-2B81F
Carian 102A0-102DF
Caucasian Albanian 10530-1056F
Chakma 11100-1114F
Cham AA00-AA5F
Cherokee 13A0-13FF
Combining Diacritical Marks 0300-036F
Combining Diacritical Marks Extended 1AB0-1AFF
Combining Diacritical Marks Supplement 1DC0-1DFF
Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols 20D0-20FF
Combining Half Marks FE20-FE2F
Common Indic Number Forms A830-A83F
Control Pictures 2400-243F
Coptic 2C80-2CFF
Coptic Epact Numbers 102E0-102FF
Counting Rod Numerals 1D360-1D37F
Cuneiform 12000-123FF
Cuneiform Numbers and Punctuation 12400-1247F
Currency Symbols 20A0-20CF
Cypriot Syllabary 10800-1083F
Cyrillic 0400-04FF
Cyrillic Extended-A 2DE0-2DFF
Cyrillic Extended-B A640-A69F
Cyrillic Supplement 0500-052F
Deseret 10400-1044F
Devanagari 0900-097F
Devanagari Extended A8E0-A8FF
Dingbats 2700-27BF
Domino Tiles 1F030-1F09F
Duployan 1BC00-1BC9F
Egyptian Hieroglyphs 13000-1342F
Elbasan 10500-1052F
Emoticons 1F600-1F64F
Enclosed Alphanumeric Supplement 1F100-1F1FF
Enclosed Alphanumerics 2460-24FF
Enclosed CJK Letters and Months 3200-32FF
Enclosed Ideographic Supplement 1F200-1F2FF
Ethiopic 1200-137F
Ethiopic Extended 2D80-2DDF
Ethiopic Extended-A AB00-AB2F
Ethiopic Supplement 1380-139F
General Punctuation 2000-206F
Geometric Shapes 25A0-25FF
Geometric Shapes Extended 1F780-1F7FF
Georgian 10A0-10FF
Georgian Supplement 2D00-2D2F
Glagolitic 2C00-2C5F
Gothic 10330-1034F
Grantha 11300-1137F
Greek Extended 1F00-1FFF
Greek and Coptic 0370-03FF
Gujarati 0A80-0AFF
Gurmukhi 0A00-0A7F
Halfwidth and Fullwidth Forms FF00-FFEF
Hangul Compatibility Jamo 3130-318F
Hangul Jamo 1100-11FF
Hangul Jamo Extended-A A960-A97F
Hangul Jamo Extended-B D7B0-D7FF
Hangul Syllables AC00-D7AF
Hanunoo 1720-173F
Hebrew 0590-05FF
High Private Use Surrogates DB80-DBFF
High Surrogates D800-DB7F
Hiragana 3040-309F
IPA Extensions 0250-02AF
Ideographic Description Characters 2FF0-2FFF
Imperial Aramaic 10840-1085F
Inscriptional Pahlavi 10B60-10B7F
Inscriptional Parthian 10B40-10B5F
Javanese A980-A9DF
Kaithi 11080-110CF
Kana Supplement 1B000-1B0FF
Kanbun 3190-319F
Kangxi Radicals 2F00-2FDF
Kannada 0C80-0CFF
Katakana 30A0-30FF
Katakana Phonetic Extensions 31F0-31FF
Kayah Li A900-A92F
Kharoshthi 10A00-10A5F
Khmer 1780-17FF
Khmer Symbols 19E0-19FF
Khojki 11200-1124F
Khudawadi 112B0-112FF
Lao 0E80-0EFF
Latin Extended Additional 1E00-1EFF
Latin Extended-A 0100-017F
Latin Extended-B 0180-024F
Latin Extended-C 2C60-2C7F
Latin Extended-D A720-A7FF
Latin Extended-E AB30-AB6F
Latin-1 Supplement 0080-00FF
Lepcha 1C00-1C4F
Letterlike Symbols 2100-214F
Limbu 1900-194F
Linear A 10600-1077F
Linear B Ideograms 10080-100FF
Linear B Syllabary 10000-1007F
Lisu A4D0-A4FF
Low Surrogates DC00-DFFF
Lycian 10280-1029F
Lydian 10920-1093F
Mahajani 11150-1117F
Mahjong Tiles 1F000-1F02F
Malayalam 0D00-0D7F
Mandaic 0840-085F
Manichaean 10AC0-10AFF
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols 1D400-1D7FF
Mathematical Operators 2200-22FF
Meetei Mayek ABC0-ABFF
Meetei Mayek Extensions AAE0-AAFF
Mende Kikakui 1E800-1E8DF
Meroitic Cursive 109A0-109FF
Meroitic Hieroglyphs 10980-1099F
Miao 16F00-16F9F
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A 27C0-27EF
Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B 2980-29FF
Miscellaneous Symbols 2600-26FF
Miscellaneous Symbols and Arrows 2B00-2BFF
Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs 1F300-1F5FF
Miscellaneous Technical 2300-23FF
Modi 11600-1165F
Modifier Tone Letters A700-A71F
Mongolian 1800-18AF
Mro 16A40-16A6F
Musical Symbols 1D100-1D1FF
Myanmar 1000-109F
Myanmar Extended-A AA60-AA7F
Myanmar Extended-B A9E0-A9FF
NKo 07C0-07FF
Nabataean 10880-108AF
New Tai Lue 1980-19DF
Number Forms 2150-218F
Ogham 1680-169F
Ol Chiki 1C50-1C7F
Old Italic 10300-1032F
Old North Arabian 10A80-10A9F
Old Permic 10350-1037F
Old Persian 103A0-103DF
Old South Arabian 10A60-10A7F
Old Turkic 10C00-10C4F
Optical Character Recognition 2440-245F
Oriya 0B00-0B7F
Ornamental Dingbats 1F650-1F67F
Osmanya 10480-104AF
Pahawh Hmong 16B00-16B8F
Palmyrene 10860-1087F
Pau Cin Hau 11AC0-11AFF
Phags-pa A840-A87F
Phaistos Disc 101D0-101FF
Phoenician 10900-1091F
Phonetic Extensions 1D00-1D7F
Phonetic Extensions Supplement 1D80-1DBF
Playing Cards 1F0A0-1F0FF
Private Use Area E000-F8FF
Psalter Pahlavi 10B80-10BAF
Rejang A930-A95F
Rumi Numeral Symbols 10E60-10E7F
Runic 16A0-16FF
Samaritan 0800-083F
Saurashtra A880-A8DF
Sharada 11180-111DF
Shavian 10450-1047F
Shorthand Format Controls 1BCA0-1BCAF
Siddham 11580-115FF
Sinhala 0D80-0DFF
Sinhala Archaic Numbers 111E0-111FF
Small Form Variants FE50-FE6F
Sora Sompeng 110D0-110FF
Spacing Modifier Letters 02B0-02FF
Specials FFF0-FFFF
Sundanese 1B80-1BBF
Sundanese Supplement 1CC0-1CCF
Superscripts and Subscripts 2070-209F
Supplemental Arrows-A 27F0-27FF
Supplemental Arrows-B 2900-297F
Supplemental Arrows-C 1F800-1F8FF
Supplemental Mathematical Operators 2A00-2AFF
Supplemental Punctuation 2E00-2E7F
Supplementary Private Use Area-A F0000-FFFFF
Supplementary Private Use Area-B 100000-10FFFF
Syloti Nagri A800-A82F
Syriac 0700-074F
Tagalog 1700-171F
Tagbanwa 1760-177F
Tags E0000-E007F
Tai Le 1950-197F
Tai Tham 1A20-1AAF
Tai Viet AA80-AADF
Tai Xuan Jing Symbols 1D300-1D35F
Takri 11680-116CF
Tamil 0B80-0BFF
Telugu 0C00-0C7F
Thaana 0780-07BF
Thai 0E00-0E7F
Tibetan 0F00-0FFF
Tifinagh 2D30-2D7F
Tirhuta 11480-114DF
Transport and Map Symbols 1F680-1F6FF
Ugaritic 10380-1039F
Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics 1400-167F
Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics Extended 18B0-18FF
Vai A500-A63F
Variation Selectors FE00-FE0F
Variation Selectors Supplement E0100-E01EF
Vedic Extensions 1CD0-1CFF
Vertical Forms FE10-FE1F
Warang Citi 118A0-118FF
Yi Radicals A490-A4CF
Yi Syllables A000-A48F
Yijing Hexagram Symbols 4DC0-4DFF

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